Soirée by Karen Martinez is a wedding & event planning company based in San Juan, Puerto Rico that specializes in creating the stylish celebration you envision. Owner and lead planner Karen Martinez works with the client from idea inception to the big day execution. Karen’s goal is to deliver a memorable event that is filled with creativity, professionalism, and organization.

The firm works with the best industry providers on the island with true attention to detail and diligence. Professionalism is Soirée by Karen Martinez’s biggest asset to ensure a memorable event experience from start to finish. SBK focuses on local and destination weddings, boutique weddings, multi-cultural unions, and intimate soirées, as well as general social and corporate gatherings.

Soirée by Karen Martínez has a strong commitment with excellence, managing every event with passion, energy, and creativity. Soirée by Karen Martinez takes pride in creating exclusive and memorable experiences working with clients with diverse backgrounds and cultures; firmly believing in diversity and inclusivity, celebrating love regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

What is a Soirée?

Soirée is a French word to describe a party or celebration, usually held in the evening at a specific location. It can have. any theme you’d like; creativity and possibilities are endless.